Session Information

Your session will reflect your family's unique personality. I believe in capturing REAL expressions and interactions because that is where your very own personality will shine through. Of course in addition to the "money shots". All sessions will be held outside using natural light at a location of your choice or mine. Within Tucson of course! Just let me know what you are wanting to capture and we can figure out a location together. In general a session lasts about an hour. That being said I will NEVER rush you through a session. You may have as many outfit changes as you want, we will take as much time as you need!

Need help with makeup? Or outfits?

A couple suggestions would be to watch this video from Ms. Kandee. She explains in depth how to do your own makeup for a photo and why!

Kandee's Portrait makeup video

For outfits I suggest coordinating, not necessarily matching outfits. The days of everyone wearing jeans and white button down shirts have been passed by. Don't get me wrong I love a crisp white shirt but lets mix it up a bit! Lets have some fun! I also try to stay away from anything with a character on it.

For Mom I'd check out: Anthropology, H & M, White House/ Black Market, Ann Taylor or Loft
For Dad I'd check out: H & M, JCrew, Banana Republic, GAP, Express
For the babes I'd check out: GAP, H & M, Target, Gymboree

Now that you have all of the outfits lay them all out on the bed and make sure nothing stands out too much. Make sure not one outfit in particular is screaming "Look at me!" You want everyone to mesh well together! If you need help with styling I'd be more than happy to help!

Newborn Session:

Newborn sessions usually last anywhere from 2-4 hours. Please feed (nurse or bottle) your child in a diaper and loosely wrapped blanket 1 hour before our scheduled session to achieve those super sleepy newborn shots. Newborn sessions should be booked BEFORE you give birth with a guestimate of a date based upon your due date. Newborns should be shot within the first 10 days of birth, ideally around the 5th day. The sooner the better! I'd be happy to come to your home and set up a "studio" or you are welcome to come to mine. I know it is sometimes difficult to be anywhere on time when the babes are that little! 

For newborn sessions I'd be MORE than happy to come to you! I know what it's like to be a new Momma and how difficult it is be anywhere on time! I will be happy to pack up my small studio an array of props and come on over so that you can relax while I take some pretty awesome pics of that adorable little baby!  I ask that baby is fed (nursed or bottle fed) an hour before our scheduled session. That way when I arrive I can set up and we can get right down to the fun stuff! Capturing that sweet babies image! Of course if you would like to come to my home you are more than welcome to!

Newborn sessions should be scheduled BEFORE you have the baby.  Shoots should be within the first 10 days after birth. The earlier the better. I'd be happy to schedule you a session based on your due date that obviously would be flexible! If you go into labor early no worries we'll just bump up the date to right after you would return home. If you are still waiting after your due date we'll just push it back!

If you have ANY questions I'd be happy to answer them, anytime!