Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Family : Coussens/ Johnston Clan

Irish contacted me for an extended family session to include her Grandmother. Who turned 90, YES 9-0! 2 weeks ago! Isn't she amazing! You could literally feel the love with this family! I enjoyed myself so much, by the end of the session I was crackin' up!

My goal when doing extended family sessions are to capture each individual family as well as the whole group. And of course headshots of those important people! Usually kids, but we can always do adults too! 
I think someone was starved for attention! haha Oh, and are they building a
pyramid back there?!

Dallas' Godparents

Johnston Family 

Charlie's angels? haha This bunch was sooo much fun!

Brothers :)

Coussens Family

The whole family! Including Great Grandma! 

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