Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Little Doll | Abby | Tucson Family Photographer

Let's start this year off right! I have several resolutions this year pertaining to photography! One of which is to blog more frequently. I feel so bad when people email me and say, "Hey! I saw your blog." To which I must tell them I don't update it frequently enough and that my facebook page has the most current work. This year I need to remedy that and keep it up to date! I will share some of the other resolutions with you all in a later post.

For now let's start with the first session of the year. One pretty little girl and her fun loving parents.

We decided to go downtown and ended up walking around a little area I love to frequent. They were totally up for whatever I had in mind! Even all of my move this way, move that way, turn your head like this, ok laugh like you are having fun! Or my classic line, "I laugh in the face of danger HA HA HA HA!" {brownie points if you can name the movie that is from}

You can literally feel the love this Momma has for her baby. And Miss Abby sure does love her Momma!

This is now the third time I've seen Miss Abby and I have to admit I am growing quite fond of her! She is so cute and snuggly and those big blue eyes get me every single time. I can see her changing into a baby and not a newborn anymore. She is starting to sit now and I have no doubt she will be up and around in no time!

Her little facial expressions are hilarious!

Please say a little prayer for Abby's Daddy Joe. He deployed to Afghanistan on Sunday for a 6 month tour. I know Abby (and Cassie espcially) will miss Joe so much, but I can only be thankful for his service to our country. For reminding me that our freedom is NOT free. Everyday there are fathers that have to leave their families to fight for our freedom.

I wonder where she get's those baby blues?! hehe

Thank you Cassie and Joe for allowing me to photograph your sweet baby yet again! I cannot wait to see you again in a few months and see how much she has changed. :)

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